Choice Of Window Handles & Ironmongery

Choice Of Window Handles & Ironmongery

Our Choice of Window Handles For Casement Windows

Standard Window Handles


Antique Black






Our standard window handle is a classic design with a contemporary twist to create an elegant and stylish window. The handle perfectly complements Traditional Sash & Heritage Flush Windows.

This key locking handle is available in the following colour options to complement your windows and doors: White, Antique Black, Black, Gold, Chrome, Graphite & Satin.

Architectural Window Handles







Our architectural window handle is a sleek and contemporary design which helps create a bold and stylish window. The handle perfectly complements Traditional Sash & Heritage Flush Windows.

This key locking handle is available in the following colour options to complement your windows and doors: White, Grey, Black, Gold, Chrome & Graphite.

Heritage Window Handles

Monkey Tail Window Handles & Dummy Peg Stays

Antique Black




Inspired by 19th century ironmongery, the elegant design of a monkey tail handle can give a classic finish to our traditional sash and Heritage Flush Sash windows. The handle and peg stay are available in the following colours: Antique black, Chrome, Graphite or Gold.

Teardrop Window Handles & Dummy Peg Stays

Antique Black




The teardrop handle & dummy peg stay are unique and are traditionally designed to fit perfectly with our Traditional Sash & Heritage Flush Sash Window range. The handle & peg stay are available in the following colours: Antique Black, Chrome, Graphite or Gold. 

"From The Anvil Collection"

Based in Llandrindod Wells, Wales. From the Anvil are specialist manufacturers of traditional high quality and luxurious ironmongery. The manufacturing process of hand forging mild steel enables From The Anvil to achieve the strongest and most unique ironmongery available on the market with a focus on quality as products are honed to the highest specification. All window handles are available in a range of finishes. 







Our Choice of Window Ironmongery For Vertical Sliding Sash Windows

Travel Restrictors

The travel restrictors limit the opening of the top and bottom sashes to approximately 100mm. They are primarily used as a safety feature in locations where opening restrictions are needed. The magnetic mechanism can be overridden from inside your home allowing for a larger opening.

Sash Pull

All our uPVC Sliding Sash Windows come with one or two sash pulls as standard depending on window size. The sash pulls are usually fitted on the inside of the bottom sash to allow easy opening.

Locking System

Our locking system holds the sash window shut by fastening the mid-rails together. 

Sash Knob

Used to open and tilt the sashes for easy cleaning of the outside frame and glass from inside your home.

The above hardware is available in eight different finishes. Please note that our travel restrictors are only available in the following colours: white, chrome, gold and satin chrome.

We hope this information helps you make an informed decision on the choice of window ironmongery available on our window styles. 

Find a window company that is willing to discuss and show you the options available to create the perfect windows & doors for your home.

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Top Tip When Buying Windows & Doors – Consider Glazing Options

Top Tip For Buying New Windows & Doors - Consider Your Glazing Options

Choose Your Glass Specification

When it comes to replacing your windows, the choice of glass really does make a difference. We use A+ Planitherm Energy Standard as standard on all of our windows.

The Energy Standard glazing will likely be far superior than your current glazing. It will offer improved energy efficiency and help lower energy bills.

We are also able to Comfort & Comfort Plus glazing, which have added benefits. These include: enhanced security, noise reduction, furniture fade protection & reduce overheating. 

There are five features to Planitherm glazing and three types of glazing to choose from to suit your requirements.

The three glazing types are: 

  • Energy Standard 
  • Comfort 
  • Comfort Plus

Please see table below which explains the features of each glazing type to decide what’s best for you and your home. 

ENERGY EFFICIENCY - With Planitherm energy efficiency comes as standard

A special coating on the glass helps stop heat escaping, so you’ll use less energy to keep your home warm. Our Energy Standard and Comfort glazing captures and makes use of the warmth from natural daylight, while Comfort Plus helps limit and control it – ideal for very sunny rooms.

ENHANCED SECURITY - Help protect your family from break-ins and vandalism.

The high-security transparent layer on Comfort and Comfort Plus glass makes them much tougher to break through than standard, unlaminated glass. Used in an approved window frame, they’re designed to meet the official police security initiative ‘Secured by Design’ standard, so you’ll feel safer and more secure in your home.

NOISE REDUCTION - Make your home a peaceful respite from the world outside.

Perfect for bedrooms to ensure a good night’s sleep, a built-in acoustic layer keeps exterior noise exactly where it belongs – outside. If you live on a busy road or close to other disturbing sounds, noise control glazing should be on your list.

FURNITURE FADE PROTECTION - Keep your furniture looking newer for longer.

Prolonged exposure to ultra-violet light from the sun will contribute to your furniture and curtains fading over time. The hidden layer of protection on Comfort and Comfort Plus glass blocks out 99% of the sun’s UV rays. Think of it as sun cream for your sofa, curtains and carpets.

REDUCE OVERHEATING - Perfect balance of light and warmth.

Rooms with lots of glass will give you a great view, but the warmth from natural daylight can make it uncomfortably hot on sunny days. The Comfort Plus glass has a special coating designed to keep out heat from the sun’s rays for a comfortable, bright environment and greater control of your internal temperature. It’s particularly suited to south and west facing rooms with sunny aspects, or larger glazed areas such as bi-fold and patio doors.

Choose Your Obscure Glazing For Privacy

For privacy we offer a range of obscure glass options which have different designs and privacy levels. Level 1 is the least obscure, whilst level 5 is the most obscure.  

We also have our obscure glass on display in our showroom, and have samples available for home visits. 

Are Glass Decorations Your Thing?

Leaded Glass Designs can be seen in both modern and traditional properties alike. Leaded designs really can add elegance and grandeur to uPVC windows. 

The most popular lead designs are the classic diamond lead or traditional square lead as shown below. However, we are able to create bespoke leaded designs to suit your style. 

Georgian Bars are available as external Georgian bars, which sit on the face of the glazing. Or as internal Georgian bars, which sit in between both panes of the sealed unit. Internal Georgian bars are a more cost-effective option and low maintenance option. 

The design of the Georgian bars can be tailored to your window design; each pane can be split into as many sections as you choose. The panes on the example below have been split into eight.

Double Or Triple Glazing?

By upgrading your aging single or double glazed windows to new thermally efficient double glazed  windows, you are likely to see a significant impact in heat retention and noise reduction. 

You can go one step further by introducing another pane of glass. 

The decision to go triple glazed often depends on personal circumstance. If you do live in a particularly cold house, that has considerable road noise and you consider this property to be your home for life, then triple glazing may be the option for you. 

There is of course a cost implication to choose triple glazing. But the increased comfort and reductions in your energy bills may be worth it for you. 

Whichever window installer you choose to ask for quotes, ask their opinion on the benefits of triple glazing for your home.



We hope this information helps you make an informed decision on which glazing options are the best suited for your and your home. We would also suggest popping into our showroom to see the differences for yourself.

Find a window company that is willing to discuss and show you the options available to create the perfect windows & doors for your home.

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View Our uPVC Window Colour Options

uPVC Window Colour Options

Whilst white uPVC windows remain popular due their clean and sleek aesthetics, as well as lower price point, an increasing number of customers are now opting for a colour choice for their new windows. 

Our colour collection has been specially designed to help you put together the perfect colour palette for your home. Every home is different, and our beautiful range of colours takes its inspiration direct from nature to harmonise perfectly with your home and its surroundings, ensuring it stays looking good for years to come.

We offer beautiful authentic ‘wood like’ finishes to replicate a traditional timber window. Whilst we also offer smooth matt finishes, which offer true aluminium alternatives. Whilst looking good, all of our finishes are also extremely durable to our climate.

We offer three colour collections: Traditional, Heritage & Premium.

Our ‘Traditional colour’ collection prices slightly above white uPVC & is available as standard on our traditional sash casement, flush sash casement & tilt & turn windows.

Our ‘Heritage Collection’ is available as standard on heritage flush sash casement. There is a slight cost surcharge for the colour on traditional sash casement & tilt & turn windows.

Our ‘Premium collection’ is available for an added cost surcharge on traditional casement sash, heritage flush sash & tilt & turn windows.

Please see below table to find out what colours are available for each window system. 

Traditional Casement Sash

Heritage Flush Sash

Tilt & Turn

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Top Tip When Buying New Windows & Doors – Consider Window Quality

New windows and doors can vary in quality. From entry level trade products to high end products such as bespoke and hand-crafted windows and doors. 

If you budget allows, ensure that you look for bespoke, made to measure and high-quality windows & doors. 

There are several aspect that can affect the overall quality of your new windows & doors. 

It all begins with an accurate survey. Your replacement windows & doors should be made to measure for your openings. An accurate survey is vital to the overall quality of your installation. 

Following survey, your new windows & doors will need be fabricated. Some companies fabricate their own windows & doors, whilst the majority purchase their products from volume production trade suppliers.  

The material that are used in the production of your new windows & doors have a huge impact on the overall quality. Find a window company that doesn’t skimp on costs and uses the best components for their products. 

Windows and doors are primarily made up of the following components; 

  • Window/Door Profile 
  • Glazing
  • Ironmongery such as handles, hinges, letterplates etc.  
  • Locking Mechanisms.
  • Steel Reinforcement – windows and doors should also have sufficient steel reinforcement to ensure that they don’t sag over time.

Last but certainly not least is the installation. A well made product would be nothing without a high quality install. 

Some companies directly employ their installers, whilst others use sub-contractors to carry out the work. This is important to establish.  

Companies that directly employ their installers are often considered the better option as the installers are paid regardless of how many windows and doors are installed per day. Sub-contractors are paid per window or door, therefore this can reduce the overall quality of the installation as the work can be rushed. A good quality window & door installation will take time & skill.   

We hope that the above will help you understand all the aspects that can affect the overall quality of your new windows & doors. 

Some Facts To Remember When Considering Sapphire Windows: 
  • We directly employ our surveyors, all have over 40 years experience in the industry.  
  • We manufacture our windows & doors ourselves. As fabricators we can guarantee that all of our products are bespoke and made to measure for your property.
  • We know the value of using the very best materials and production techniques. Through continual research and development, we ensure that each component that makes up our product is of the highest possible standard. This gives us total confidence that we are supplying and installing a high-quality product that’s been built by us, to last.
  • We directly employ our installers. Our installers are highly skilled & experienced and take their time to ensure our windows & doors are expertly installed.   

You may also want to consider reading the following useful hints & tips: 

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Top Tip When Buying New Windows & Doors – Compare Prices & Finance Options

Be Wary Of "Special Offers"

Be careful when companies offer special offers or fictitious discounts that are due to expire unless you place your order immediately. Don’t be fooled by “special” offers or fictitious discounts. Unfortunately, these old-fashioned high-pressure sales tactics do still exist in parts of our industry.

As a consumer you should be given a fair and reasonable price and time to make what will be a very important decision. Special offers or discounts do not exist.

Compare Like For Like Quotations

Compare what the companies have priced for. There are several factors that could affect the price of your new windows and doors.  It’s important that if you are obtaining more than one quotation (we recommend that you should), that you are getting like for like quotes from each company. Some factors that can affect the price are as follows:

  • Product quality.
  • Frame thickness.
  • Window/Door colour.
  • Fully fitted? Or partial installation?
  • Allowance for internal window cills.
  • Glass specification.
  • Window/door styles. 
  • Handle, letterplates, knocker colour, styles and finishes.

Windows and doors are an investment for your home. The cheapest is not always the best. If you want a product that looks great, performs well and lasts the test of time, expect to pay a little more. 

Financing Your New Windows & Doors

Purchasing windows and doors can be a substantial investment, therefore flexible finance options can be helpful in spreading the cost in a convenient way and at a manageable pace that your suits your lifestyle and personal circumstances. To find out more about he flexible finance options we have available please click here!

When obtaining quotations and looking for finance options, remember to compare the total amount that will be repayable at the end of any lending term.

Customer Deposits

It’s common practice for window companies to request a deposit when taking an order. The percentages required can vary. If you decide to place an order that requires a deposit payment, it’s important to remember the following:

  • It is vital to check the company protects your deposit. This is done using a deposit protection scheme. Ensure that your deposit is safe otherwise you run the risk of losing your deposit if something happens to the company.
  • Check your contract/purchase agreement for your rights to cancel. Reputable companies normally offer a 7 day or 14 day cooling off period. Therefore, you have a right to cancel and have your deposit back if you cancel within the time frame specified in the agreement.

At Sapphire Windows, we do not require any deposit payments. Our motto is based on trust. If you make the decision to trust us to carry out your windows & door installation, we trust that you will pay us when we satisfactory complete the work. 

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