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Secure Your Home In Style With Expertly Handcrafted Doors From Sapphire Windows

Our Aluminium Sliding Patio Doors are ideal for large-span areas and situations where bi-folding doors or French doors might not be so appropriate. 

Create a feeling of light and space using an expanse of uninterrupted glass with Sapphire Windows Sliding Patio doors.

A sliding Patio Door will offer you the largest uninterrupted glass area and once open doesn’t take up room on a patio, or inside the home.

Our Aluminium sliding door has the capability of transforming your home into a grand design. 

Sliding Door Configurations

Our Aluminium sliding patio doors are available in two, three, four, or even six panes. 

The number of panes and sliding configurations can be designed with your living needs in mind. 

All our sliding patio doors are double or triple glazed with special sliding mechanisms to enable even the largest sashes to slide open and close smoothly on a double or triple track, whatever their size.

Technical Specifications