uPVC Windows Sustainability

Are uPVC windows bad for the environment? If their sent to landfill at the end of life, the simple answer is yes. Fortunately, there are alternatives to landfill. uPVC is highly recyclable, according to the Building Research Establishment (BRE), uPVC can be recycled up to 10 times or more, without impacting on its material performance. […]

Sapphire Invest In Composite Door Designer

A front door is a key component of you home’s exterior aesthetic, and the focal point of welcoming visitors into your home. We offer a vast range of door styles & colours, the choice can sometimes be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve invested in an online door designer that will allow our customers to customise their […]

How do I look after my new composite door?

Your Sapphire Windows door doesn’t need any maintenance. However, to keep that showroom finish, a small amount of care and attention is recommended. How often will depend on where you live; In a coastal or heavily industrialised area or near a busy main road, cleaning may need to be more frequent. We recommend that you […]

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