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Bi-fold doors have become increasingly popular in recent times, becoming the staple for new builds and renovation works. 

Bi-folding doors are designed to open your home up to the outside world, creating a bright and spacious atmosphere. 

Like all of our door products or Bi-Fold doors come with high-security locking mechanisms and come in a choice of colours and finishes.

Bi-fold Door Design & Opening Configurations

Bi-fold doors offer a choice of opening configurations to suit your needs:

• Folds the doors in or out
• Slide all doors to one side
• Create a single entrance for easy access and have the remaining doors slide the opposite way.
• Part the doors centrally to create a double door.

Design Configurations:

Bifold configs 1 Bifold configs 2 bifold confis 3 6 Panels 2 7 Panels 1 7 Panels 2 7 Panels 3 7 Panels 4


Integral Blinds Fitted Within Bi-folding Doors

In most instances, It is also possible to have integral blinds fitted within your bi-folding doors.

Our blinds are easy to use without interfering with the action of the bi-fold door. They are also maintenance-free. 

The blinds contribute to reducing the solar glare and can increase the u-value of the glass.

Threshold Options For Your Bi-fold Door

We offer four threshold options, from floor to floor flush thresholds, right the way through to a traditional step that provides maximum weather rating. 

The suitability of the threshold will be dependant on your property and the weather conditions the bi-fold door will face.

Unlimited Colour Choice For Our Bi-fold Doors

As with all our Aluminium products you have the option of any RAL Colour, including Dual Colour to complement your inside interior and exterior colour palette.

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