Steel Look Aluminium Internal Doors

Steel Look Aluminium Internal Doors

Georgian Style Internal Door

Choose from either a fixed screen, door configuration or combination. With large windows that can be fixed either side of your door or on top of the door. Our steel-look internal doors provide a perfect option for dividing space in almost any location. The benefits of our internal room divider designs lie not only in their functionality, but they also work as an eye-catching industrial-style statement piece in your property.


Our AluSpace Interior Screening System has been developed to create light and airy internal environments. The system’s sleek and elegant lines perfectly complement our window and door ranges.

Our Internal Doors are completely bespoke products and can be tailored to your size, desired configuration and accessory requirements. No matter the door location or whether you choose a French Door, Single Door, Fixed Screen or Sliding Door – every door is made using premium grade aluminium for a smooth, flawless and effortless operation. When you choose our AluSpace Internal Door to divide your space, you’re guaranteed something special.

Hinged Doors

With a range of width, glazing, hinge and furniture options, our doors can be configured to suit any design theme, from traditional to minimalist and contemporary to industrial.

Maximum width – 900mm
Maximum Height – 2200mm

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors provide the option to close or partially open the internal screen, with a choice of a contemporary or vintage rail options to echo the overall design.

Maximum width – 1200mm
Maximum Height – 2500mm

Fixed Screens

AluSpace fixed sceens give you the opportunity to elegantly partition living or working spaces.

Maximum width – 1400mm
Maximum Height – 2500mm

For the all-important finishing touches, AluSpace offers a wide range of options and accessories, including a choice of classic, modern and industrial handles, all of which may be supplied in a matched, contrasting or complementary colour to the screen and doors.