Double Glazing

For the last 30 years, Sapphire Windows have been installing high-quality double glazing in homes throughout Wales.

By incorporating the best performing double glazing into our windows, we ensure that we supply the very best in terms of energy efficiency and thermal performance, exceeding the minimum standards imposed. By doing so will help keep your home well insulated and your energy bills kept low.

Our double glazed windows are A-rated as standard. The building regulations state that replacement glazing must have a minimum window energy rating of band C

Triple Glazing

The extra glass panel reflects more heat into your home, making it warmer and helping to cut your heating bills even further. Triple Glazing is an excellent choice for cutting out external noise, too, ensuring you feel a big difference in any room. Our triple glazing features two panes of low-emissivity (Low E) Glass and one pane of Low-Iron glass. Low E is an invisible coating that allows heat past the window from the outside and reflects into the home from the inside. This saves a great deal of energy and money off your heating bills. Our triple glazed sealed units are filled with two chambers of argon gas. Argon gas is heavier than air and acts as an insulator, this helps block out noise as well as cold air. The panes of glass are separated by warm edge technology spacer bars. These act as yet another barrier to heat loss
Leaded & Georgian Bar Glass Designs

There are a wide range of glass effects from which you can choose to closely match the pattern you prefer.

All our glass options are available toughened or laminated for your security and safety.

Leaded Glass Designs can be seen in both modern and traditional properties alike. Leaded designs really can add elegance and grandeur to uPVC windows.

The most popular lead designs are the classic diamond lead or traditional square lead as shown below. However, we can create bespoke leaded designs to suit your style.

Diamond Leaded
Square Leaded

Georgian Bars are available as external Georgian bars, which sit on the face of the glazing. Or as internal Georgian bars, which sit in between both panes of the sealed unit. Internal Georgian bars are a more cost-effective option and low maintenance option. 

The design of the Georgian bars can be tailored to your window design; each pane can be split in to as many sections as you choose. The panes on the example below have been split into eight.

Georgian Bar
Obscure Glass

At Sapphire Windows, we have the best range of decorative glass to meet all your needs.

With our extensive Obscure Patterned Glass range, we are positive you will find what you are looking for. 

Different obscurities will have a Privacy rating from 1 -5 depending on your requirements and how much light you need to let in. Level 1 is the least obscure, whilst level 5 is the most obscure.  

Privacy Level 1
Privacy Level 2
Privacy Level 3
Privacy Level 5

Try our visualiser below!

Decorative Glass

There are a huge range of decorative glass options available. We would recommend downloading a decorative glass brochure using the ‘download a brochure’ button on top of this page.  

There is also an option to design bespoke decorative glass. Therefore if possible, we can customise one of our designs, or we can design and create decorative glass based on your vision. 

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