We understand that buying a composite door is a huge decision. Our goal is to empower you with honest and reliable cost information to help you budget for your new composite door.

Is a Composite Door the right option for me?

Firstly, an important question to ask, is a composite door the right choice for your home and budget? Primarily, there are three material options for a new front and back door, these are uPVC, Timber & Composite. In terms of pricing, uPVC doors are the cheapest option, followed by Composite doors, whilst Timber doors are the most expensive.

From a design perspective, Timber doors are often considered the most aesthetically pleasing option, followed closely by composite doors, which have been designed to replicate timber.

In terms of practicality, composite doors are often the preferred choice. They are almost maintenance-free, whilst they also offer the best thermal, acoustic and weather performance.

Composite Door Designs

There are a number of designs to choose from our composite door range. The price of every design is different. In order to help you differentiate the cheapest designs to the most expensive, we’ve placed all our door designs into 5 pricing bands. Band A is the cheapest, whilst Band E is the most expensive. 

Band A

Band B

Band C

Band D

Band E

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Glazing Design Options

Your choice of glazing can affect the price of your new composite door.

Clear glass is the cheapest glazing option. Whilst obscure glazing options such as the designs below, incur a slight uplift in cost.

The most popular design options are our distinction glass designs, below. These do cost slightly more, but can help personalise your door design.

We are also able to offer more bespoke glazing options, which can be quoted for on application.

Colour Options

One of the reasons composite doors have become increasingly popular is because of the enormous colour choice available for the door slabs.

White is the cheapest colour option for your composite door slab. Followed by our standard colour options. Our standard colour options are Black, Red, Blue, Green, Anthracite Grey, Chartwell Green, Golden Oak & Rosewood.

You also have the option of any RAL colour. Your door can be painted in any bespoke colour of your choice. A bespoke RAL colour is the most expensive colour option.

Whilst most doors have a colour on the outside and white in the inside, you do also have the option of opting for a bespoke colour on both sides of the door. The cost is calculated per side.

The frame of a composite door is uPVC. There are also colour options for your uPVC frame.

Again, White is the cheapest colour option for your uPVC frame and by far the most popular choice.

We also offer a range of standard colours which are more expensive than White. And then there are special colours available, which are our most expaenvice option. 

Please see our options below of the uPVC frame colour combinations on offer. These are the choices if you want a matching uPVC frame and composite door slab. 










GREY 004








Handles & Locking Mechanisms

Handles and locking mechanisms, go hand in hand, as your choice of handle can often dictate the locking mechanism required.

Our standard traditional lever handle and high-security multipoint lock is our cheapest option. Our handles are available in White, Chrome, Gold, Black, Satin Chrome and Flint.   

Although It’s our cheapest option available, our standard handle & lock is by no means the cheapest available on the market. We use a very high-security multi-point lock approved to high security standards. 

Their familiar locking mechanism involves lifting the handle upwards and turning the key to lock it. If you prefer to stay in complete control and lock your home with a key, our lever handles are the ideal option.

As an upgrade, we also offer contemporary bar handles which are paired with a high-security intuitive Autolock locking mechanism, which means your door will lock automatically when closed.

Our bar handles are available in varying lengths from 550mm to 1800mm. They are also available on the outside only or on both sides of the door. Bar handles will increase in costs depending on the length and quantity required.   


We offer a number of accessories which can be added to complement your door design.  

Adding a letterplate to your door does come with a slight cost. Our letterplates all cost the same amount and are available in White, Chrome, Gold, Black, Satin Chrome and Flint.   

Adding one of our door knockers is the best way to add a touch of personality to your design. Pick an inviting design to welcome guests and your loved one’s home with our range of options, including urn knockers, which are an enduring and traditional choice, and the cheapest door knocker option. 

We also offer eye-catching and highly sought-after bee, dragonfly and other bespoke knockers in various finishes to help your home stand out from the rest. Our bespoke door knockers are hand crafted and vary in price; they are more expensive than the traditional urn knocker.

In Conclusion

There are a number of factors to consider when budgeting for your dream door. Whilst we hope the above has helped, we understand that the choice can be overwhelming. we are always on hand in our showroom to discuss design and pricing further, or we are always only a phone call away. 

Why not have ago at designing your dream door using our door designer below. 

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