The Green Homes Grant in Wales

“Does the Green Homes Grant cover Wales?

The Green Homes Grant announced by the Government does not cover residents in Wales.

The Green Homes Grant gives homeowners in England vouchers to help cover the cost of energy efficiency improvements to their home – such as low-carbon heating systems, insulation, or double glazing to replace single glazing.

Please be wary of any companies that tell you that the Green Homes Grant is available in Wales.

Whilst the grant only covers England, there are other financial support schemes available for residents in Wales for windows & doors.

The following information applies to residents in Carmarthenshire, however, there may be similar assistance available from other local councils.

Houses into Homes

An interest-free loan, available to properties that have been empty for a period of 6 months or more. This loan can be made up to £25,000 (subject to available equity), which has no monthly repayments. A loan to sell is repayable at the point of sale or at 2 years from the approval date, whichever is sooner. The loan to let is repayable 5 years from the approval stage.

Valleys Taskforce Empty Homes Grant

This is grant funding offered by the Welsh Government, through the Valleys Taskforce initiative, offering up to £20,000 grant for properties that have been empty for 6 months or more. This is restricted to the Aman and Gwendraeth Valley only. There is no means of testing for the grant, but will only offer a grant assistance of 85% (15% applicant contribution), up to a maximum of £20,000. This grant is non-repayable, provided the applicant resides in the property themselves for a minimum of 5 years, after completion of the works.

If you have any queries regarding the above or would like to talk to us in more detail regarding some of the financial support available, please feel free to call un 01269 596480.