Think About Lead Times - Plan Ahead

A question that many of us fail to consider or ask early enough during the buying process is the product lead time.

When buying windows & doors it would be wise to plan ahead, as many of the top-rated and most reputable window & door companies in your area are likely to have lengthy lead times.  

Try your best to plan ahead to avoid letting your choice of windows and doors be dictated by the installation lead time.

As of October 5th 2020, a poll undertaken by the Double Glazing Blogger found that out of the installers that were surveyed, 80% had lead times of 8 weeks or more. Here’s a bar chart on their findings.

We are a generation that has become accustom to Amazon next day deliveries, therefore we can sometimes forget that tradespeople have lengthier lead times.

In the case of high-quality windows & doors, these aren’t off the shelf products. The best windows & doors are hand crafted, made to measure and bespoke for your homes, therefore there is a longer production process involved. Also, the most reputable companies are likely to be busier and will have a larger order book to fulfil.

Please remember that your windows & doors could be in your home for the next 30 years, therefore it is worth waiting a few extra weeks for your ideal choice of windows & doors.

TOP TIP: Let quality, price and service dictate your buying decision as opposed to quick lead times.