Trickle Vents – All You Need To Know

Trickle Vents - All You Need To Know

What are trickle vents, and why are they required?

Trickle vents are small openings or vents installed in windows or walls of buildings to allow a controlled amount of fresh air to enter and circulate through a room. They are required to improve indoor air quality, reduce condensation, and prevent the buildup of harmful pollutants and carbon monoxide. Trickle vents can also help regulate the temperature and humidity levels in a room, and are often required by building regulations to ensure proper ventilation. 

Over the years, homes have become better insulated and windows and doors have improved so that homes are no longer naturally ventilated as they have been in past decades. 

This is where trickle vents come in, they help avoid problems associated with poorly ventilated areas. Increased airflow throughout a home reduces pollutants and makes for a healthier environment.


What If I Don't Want Trickle Vents Fitted?

The new building regulations state trickle vents will be required by law in the majority of situations. There are exemptions to the rule (eg listed buildings and conservation areas). Therefore in most cases it will be a necessity to install trickle vents in order to comply with the law.