uPVC Vs. Aluminium Vs. Timber Windows & Doors - Choose The Right Material

It’s important to explore which window and door material is the best fit for you and your home. Material choices include- uPVC, Aluminium or Timber.


uPVC windows and doors are the most popular replacement in the UK, and for good reason. They look great when made and installed well. uPVC windows are also cheaper than both aluminium and Timber. They are the most thermally efficient, maintenance free and have a long-life span of approximately 35-40 years. They are available in a range of woodgrain colours and styles to suit most house types.


Aluminium windows and doors are known for their strength and durability. Aluminium’s inherent strength allows the use of slimer profile offering smaller sightlines. These benefits make aluminium an excellent option for bi-folding doors. Aluminium has a life span of approximately 45 years and are more easily recycled than uPVC. They are also very low maintenance. Aluminium, however, is a more costly option than uPVC. Another downside to aluminium, is that it is a considerably poor insulator. Its thermal performance is also inferior to uPVC.


Timber windows and doors, although looks beautiful when well made, they are prone to swelling and rotting, and require regular maintenance to maintain their appeal. Houses in conservation areas are often required to replace their windows with like for like timber replacements. However, some planning authorities are willing to relax the rules for uPVC and aluminium when designed as timber replicate windows, such as Flush Sash.

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