Top Tip When Buying New Windows & Doors – Consider Window Quality

New windows and doors can vary in quality. From entry level trade products to high end products such as bespoke and hand-crafted windows and doors. 

If you budget allows, ensure that you look for bespoke, made to measure and high-quality windows & doors. 

There are several aspect that can affect the overall quality of your new windows & doors. 

It all begins with an accurate survey. Your replacement windows & doors should be made to measure for your openings. An accurate survey is vital to the overall quality of your installation. 

Following survey, your new windows & doors will need be fabricated. Some companies fabricate their own windows & doors, whilst the majority purchase their products from volume production trade suppliers.  

The material that are used in the production of your new windows & doors have a huge impact on the overall quality. Find a window company that doesn’t skimp on costs and uses the best components for their products. 

Windows and doors are primarily made up of the following components; 

  • Window/Door Profile 
  • Glazing
  • Ironmongery such as handles, hinges, letterplates etc.  
  • Locking Mechanisms.
  • Steel Reinforcement – windows and doors should also have sufficient steel reinforcement to ensure that they don’t sag over time.

Last but certainly not least is the installation. A well made product would be nothing without a high quality install. 

Some companies directly employ their installers, whilst others use sub-contractors to carry out the work. This is important to establish.  

Companies that directly employ their installers are often considered the better option as the installers are paid regardless of how many windows and doors are installed per day. Sub-contractors are paid per window or door, therefore this can reduce the overall quality of the installation as the work can be rushed. A good quality window & door installation will take time & skill.   

We hope that the above will help you understand all the aspects that can affect the overall quality of your new windows & doors. 

Some Facts To Remember When Considering Sapphire Windows: 
  • We directly employ our surveyors, all have over 40 years experience in the industry.  
  • We manufacture our windows & doors ourselves. As fabricators we can guarantee that all of our products are bespoke and made to measure for your property.
  • We know the value of using the very best materials and production techniques. Through continual research and development, we ensure that each component that makes up our product is of the highest possible standard. This gives us total confidence that we are supplying and installing a high-quality product that’s been built by us, to last.
  • We directly employ our installers. Our installers are highly skilled & experienced and take their time to ensure our windows & doors are expertly installed.   

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