Top Tip When Buying Windows & Doors - Research The Company

Ensure you are dealing with a well-established and reputable window company. It is important that you review the company’s background history and online reviews. Ask the following questions:

How long have they been in business? And how long have then been trading under their current name?

Using a well-established company that have always traded under the same name can offer peace of mind and reassurance that post installation you will be dealing with a company that is willing and able to offer customer service for the duration of their guarantee period and beyond.  A 5, 10- or 25-year guarantee is not worth the paper it’s written on, if the compony won’t be trading in 5, 10, or 25 years’ time.

Who manufactures & installs the windows that will be installed in your home?

The answer to these simple questions may surprise you as many companies don’t manufacture or install the windows they sell. The answers are important as if there are any issues with your windows post installation, you need to find out who will warrant the product. Will it be the manufacturer, dealer or the installer? This is one of the benefits from choosing a company that manufactures and installs its own windows and doors. If issues do arise, they can be dealt with efficiently under one roof.

Do they have a 5-star review rating online?

Nowadays we are a fortunate as consumers to have a number of means for researching companies online. There are a number of trusted review providers that can help us make the right choice. Platforms such as Google, Yell, Trustpilot, Facebook etc. can offer a great insight into the service we can expect from businesses.

Does the company offer any warranties or guarantees? If so, find out what is covered?

It’s important that you establish what warranties/guarantees are included with your purchase.  You will need to determine the length of time and what aspects of the product are covered in the companies guarantee. Ensure that the guarantee is fully comprehensive and covers all aspects of the windows & doors. It should include the frame, glass, handles, letterboxes, hinges, locks, cylinders and the installation itself.

Does the company have any industry certifications?

Since April 2002 all domestic window and door (conservatories are exempt) installations must conform to Building Regulations specifications regarding energy Efficiency, Fire Escape and safety glazing. It’s mandatory for any replacement of windows for doors in a domestic dwelling to be issued with a certificate laying out the above. When you come to sell your home the purchasers’ solicitors will require a copy of this certification to complete any house purchase.

Installation companies need to be a member of either FENSA or Certass in order to process certification for an installation. There is very little to choose between the two organisations as both have been set up for the same purpose. FENSA has the most members and is the longest established. But that’s really where the differences end.

It’s important that the company that you do choose is either a member of FENSA or CERTASS.

Does the company have a showroom that displays their products?

The purchasing of windows & doors is an important investment, one that you may only make once in your lifetime. Therefore, it’s important that you are comfortable and confident with the choices you are making. Although brochures and images of past installations are incredibly helpful in finding the right products for your home, there is no substitution for seeing and feeling the windows & doors for yourselves.

Showroom visits can be helpful in deciding styles, designs, colours, glass specification, handle styles and finishes, letterbox styles and finishes, knocker styles and finishes etc.

It will also allow you to use the windows and doors that could soon be installed in your homes. Make sure you like the way the windows and doors operate and look before buying them, as you will be looking at them and opening and closing them just about every day for as long as you own your home.

Some Fact To Consider About Sapphire Windows: 

  • We were established in 1989, we have been trading under the same name for 32 years. 
  • We manufacture & install our own products
  • We have 100% 5 start review online across all review platforms. 
  • We offer a fully comprehensive 10 year guarantee
  • We are FENSA registered which includes a 10-year insurance backed warranty.
  • We have a showroom which displays all of our products 

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