Top Tip When Buying New Windows & Doors – Compare Prices & Finance Options

Be Wary Of "Special Offers"

Be careful when companies offer special offers or fictitious discounts that are due to expire unless you place your order immediately. Don’t be fooled by “special” offers or fictitious discounts. Unfortunately, these old-fashioned high-pressure sales tactics do still exist in parts of our industry.

As a consumer you should be given a fair and reasonable price and time to make what will be a very important decision. Special offers or discounts do not exist.

Compare Like For Like Quotations

Compare what the companies have priced for. There are several factors that could affect the price of your new windows and doors.  It’s important that if you are obtaining more than one quotation (we recommend that you should), that you are getting like for like quotes from each company. Some factors that can affect the price are as follows:

  • Product quality.
  • Frame thickness.
  • Window/Door colour.
  • Fully fitted? Or partial installation?
  • Allowance for internal window cills.
  • Glass specification.
  • Window/door styles. 
  • Handle, letterplates, knocker colour, styles and finishes.

Windows and doors are an investment for your home. The cheapest is not always the best. If you want a product that looks great, performs well and lasts the test of time, expect to pay a little more. 

Financing Your New Windows & Doors

Purchasing windows and doors can be a substantial investment, therefore flexible finance options can be helpful in spreading the cost in a convenient way and at a manageable pace that your suits your lifestyle and personal circumstances. To find out more about he flexible finance options we have available please click here!

When obtaining quotations and looking for finance options, remember to compare the total amount that will be repayable at the end of any lending term.

Customer Deposits

It’s common practice for window companies to request a deposit when taking an order. The percentages required can vary. If you decide to place an order that requires a deposit payment, it’s important to remember the following:

  • It is vital to check the company protects your deposit. This is done using a deposit protection scheme. Ensure that your deposit is safe otherwise you run the risk of losing your deposit if something happens to the company.
  • Check your contract/purchase agreement for your rights to cancel. Reputable companies normally offer a 7 day or 14 day cooling off period. Therefore, you have a right to cancel and have your deposit back if you cancel within the time frame specified in the agreement.

At Sapphire Windows, we do not require any deposit payments. Our motto is based on trust. If you make the decision to trust us to carry out your windows & door installation, we trust that you will pay us when we satisfactory complete the work. 

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